Dornoch distillery Experimental Gins

dornoch batch 3 gin bottleDornoch Distillery is a new craft distillery in the north east highlands of Scotland.
The experimental batch gins are the first releases from this distillery and is made up of ten different gins.
This is what the Dornoch Distillery had to say about them on their website With 10 different styles ranging from a more classical mixing style to heavier malt wine Genever styles as well as some interesting botanical additions, there has been a lot of different opinions which can roughly be split into two camps.
The lighter styles that mix well have been very popular especially in our bar. These have gone down best with those who prefer a G&T or traditional gin cocktails.
The heavier more spirit/fermentation/cereal flavour driven gins have been enjoyed by the kind of spirits enthusiast who samples straight.
The heavier styles tend to have more oils that come out of suspension when diluted leaving an interesting mouthfeel which has been kind of love or hate.
So how do we move forward from here? A lighter bodied more neutral spirit seems to have more mass appeal but the heavier spirit driven gins have strong support from the spirits enthusiasts who also like the variation in style.
All ten can be found on shop4gin, which one will be your favourite?

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